Planning and Zoning

Zoning and Development

The Northwest Regional Airport Authority is responsible for zoning on its property under State Act 95. The airport’s Buildings and Grounds Committee oversees all aeronautical development. The airport’s Zoning Board oversees all non-aeronautical development. The first step in all development processes is to complete the land use permit application linked below. Please contact Airport Administration for further information.

Enacted NRAA Zoning Ordinance – Effective 02/10/2023 (PDF) Link to the Zoning Board Calendar PDF on Link opens new tab

Next Zoning Meeting March 19, 2024 at 3:00PM

Contact Information

Administration telephone number: 231.947.2250
Administration email:
Airport Engineer Bob Nelesen, PE – Zoning Administrator


Cherry Capital Airport Future Airport Layout Plan Link to the PFAS page on  Link opens new tab.

State of Michigan Airport Zoning Act – Cherry Capital AirportLink to the PFAS page on  Link opens new tab.

Airport Land Use Application Link to the PFAS page on  Link opens new tab.

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